things that go bump in the night / by Vivian Cheung

Sounds kinda dirty, but I'm actually talking about lo-fi hip hop. I've been a huge Nujabes fan ever since the Samurai Champloo days over a decade ago. Although I enjoy anything from classical to rap, instrumental hip hop has taken hold of a soft spot in my heart and still hasn't let go.

What makes hip hop lo-fi is the lack of perfection that is often found in highly produced music. Think scratches, hums, and unusual frequencies. The result? A jazzy, enchanting and bittersweet wave of nostalgia built from strong but slow beats. It's also very reminiscent of the tunes that were played on Adult Swim back then.

I've found that late nights can be the best time to find some really great tunes, and I've linked some of my personal favorites below. Perfect for slow Sunday mornings, grinding out some video games, or even staying up to finish some work. Enjoy!